This Creator Can Turn a $.10 log to a $100 Profit in 15-minutes or Less

When you have the skills and the knowledge to back up a trade, sometimes, you ...

When you have the skills and the knowledge to back up a trade, sometimes, you don’t need an incredible amount of money to start making money. This time, we see how a wood worker takes a log that costs about 10-cents and turns it into something amazing as it’s broken down in this 15-minute video. With nothing more than a couple of basic tools and the know-how, this guy takes something that would ordinarily be walked right past and turns it into something entirely different, giving rise to an oak vase that would probably bring a pretty good amount of money if it were placed in some sort of furniture store.

It seems like this creator has really put together the knack for exactly how to carve this hunk of wood to make it match the vision that he has put together in his head and being able to watch him get there is definitely intriguing. It’s amazing to watch as a few dollars in supplies are able to really give rise to something beautiful that could really brighten up someone’s home. One thing that you could say for sure is that this most certainly is not a skill that you could just pick up but instead has to take years upon years of practice to truly master to create such a perfect finished product.

Check out the video below that takes us to the scene that shows exactly how such a piece is created and be sure to tell us not only what you think of the finished product but also the process that it takes to get there. Did you see something like this wooden vase coming together like this or did you picture the process happening a little bit differently? Be sure to sound off with your opinion of this piece.

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